Fiction, Poetry, and Prose


Down in the Dirt Magazine, 2017Harbour (poetry)



Mused Literary Review, Spring 2017: Aftermath of a Seven-Year War

Mused Literary Review, Spring 2017: Tomb

Mused Literary Review, Spring 2017: Moon

Mused Literary Review, Winter 2016: Crescent

The Penmen Review, 2014: I Don’t Care to Believe Him

The Penmen Review Anthology, Volume 1, 2013: Scotland

The Penmen Review, 2013: Scotland/Liam

Touchstones magazine, 2003: The Fisherman (Print only)



Page & Spine Literary Magazine, 2017: Chainmail

Down in the Dirt Magazine, 2017Do Not Carry Me Home (online or paperback)

Touchstones magazine, 2004: Endurance (Print only)


Essays and Articles

Starry Constellation Magazine


John Allred: Singer, Songwriter, and One of the Dying Breed

The Unlikely Candidates: Not So Unlikely After All

Michael Finster–Flagship

Flagship Is On the Horizon

Shadowhunters: Book to Screen Comparison

The Man in the High Castle Book to Screen Comparison


Interview with Erica Dasher of “Guidance”

Act of God–The Crown, Episode 4

Fantastic Beasts Casts a Fantastic Spell

Royal Teeth Are Anything But Amateur

Windsor–The Crown, Episode 3

Hyde Park Corner–The Crown, Episode 2

Wolferton Splash–The Crown, Episode 1


The Nerdy Girlie

2015: Music Monday #1: Secrets with A Silent Film (with Megan Elvrum and Tillie Elvrum)

2014: A Very Fond Farewell

Scary Mommy

2014: The Time I Forgot My Kindergartner at School