Fiction, Poetry, and Prose


Down in the Dirt Magazine, 2017Harbour (poetry)

“Harbour” was selected to be included in the 2018 Scars Publications literary review. Get it here or on Amazon.

Mused Literary Review, Spring 2017: Aftermath of a Seven-Year War

Mused Literary Review, Spring 2017: Tomb

Mused Literary Review, Spring 2017: Moon

Mused Literary Review, Winter 2016: Crescent

The Penmen Review, 2014: I Don’t Care to Believe Him

The Penmen Review Anthology, Volume 1, 2013: Scotland

The Penmen Review, 2013: Scotland/Liam

Touchstones magazine, 2003: The Fisherman (Print only)


Fiction and Prose

Mused Literary Review, Autumn 2017: “Ring of Fire

Page & Spine Literary Magazine, 2017: Chainmail

Down in the Dirt Magazine, 2017Do Not Carry Me Home (online or paperback)

“Do Not Carry Me Home” was selected to be included in the 2017 Scars Publications literary review. Get it here.

Touchstones magazine, 2004: Endurance (Print only)


Essays and Articles

Starry Constellation Magazine


John Allred: Singer, Songwriter, and One of the Dying Breed

The Unlikely Candidates: Not So Unlikely After All

Michael Finster–Flagship

Flagship Is On the Horizon

Shadowhunters: Book to Screen Comparison

The Man in the High Castle Book to Screen Comparison


Interview with Erica Dasher of “Guidance”

Act of God–The Crown, Episode 4

Fantastic Beasts Casts a Fantastic Spell

Royal Teeth Are Anything But Amateur

Windsor–The Crown, Episode 3

Hyde Park Corner–The Crown, Episode 2

Wolferton Splash–The Crown, Episode 1


The Nerdy Girlie

2015: Music Monday #1: Secrets with A Silent Film (with Megan Elvrum and Tillie Elvrum)

2014: A Very Fond Farewell

Scary Mommy

2014: The Time I Forgot My Kindergartner at School